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JB meets 498t?

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    Doesn't need to remain fantasy. Just hit the local electronics store.

    Originally posted by Demanic
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    Originally posted by GuitarFanatic
    I am currently using Skullcandy headphones I found in the garbage.
    I did find the DS-1 in the garbage.
    I once found a guitar amp in the garbage, a Peavey Studio 110. It caught fire at the first gig I played it at.. But it was at the end of it, thank god.


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      Originally posted by stm113 View Post

      I have a Custom Custom, should I maybe try that? I haven’t had it in a guitar in years but I didn’t like what I had it in, it was too “clanky” but I can’t be sure I ever had it wired right.
      If you already have a CustomCustom, I'd definitely try it. It's warmer and looser than the 498 or JB, but it's a wonderful pickup. If you want something with more bite and sparkle, you could try an A5 magnet in it. (The 489T and the JB both use A5 magnets.)
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        Originally posted by stm113 View Post

        Why Custom 5? What do you like about it?
        I didn't say I like it. I don't. It's too hot for me. But I know its characteristics. I was trying to say it might be a good match to your criteria.

        It's warm on the bottom end, but because it is mid scooped, it still has articulation and grit, if you use an amp with plenty of headroom to be able to control it. I use low headroom amps mostly, so I can't deal with higher output pickups.

        IME, the JB is a little bit tighter on the very low end, and more piercing on the very top, but it's nasal and harder to keep from being mushy, due to its intense midrange. It's like it just has too much of everything. The Custom 5 is like a JB with the blanket taken off of it, but it still manages to have just enough warmth to not sound brittle. Much more tasty pickup IMO.

        If you can imagine the what could be described as both a "Diet JB" and a "'59 on steroids," that's a Custom 5.

        And, it sits right in the neighborhood of what you're talking about wanting/liking.
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        Originally posted by LesStrat
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        Originally posted by JOLLY
        I do a few chord things, some crappy lead stuff, and then some rhythm stuff.


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          I was thinking maybe the Perpetual Burn?


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            I read the title and assumed you made a hybrid out of a JB and 498t (one coil from each pickup) and was excited to see how that turned out. Now that I’ve read your post, it sounds like you haven’t yet but should. Hell, I’ve got one of each around the house somewhere and could whip one up.
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