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Couple magnet swapping notes, Slash, Black Dog

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  • Couple magnet swapping notes, Slash, Black Dog

    Slash with UOA5: Wow, Very nice, I like it, better than A2 which left me a bit flat. I like this better than the WLH. Articulate but not bright, not thin, well rounded. I generally find the WLH a bit spikey, this is not, but it's not dark or dull either.

    Black dog: With the stock RCA5 I find it tonally OK, but it feels STIFF and hard to play, and the low strings have this tactile thing like a ceramic pup with no tone control. Low gain/fast picking was not fun. Switched to A2: High strings have a nice thick but articulate tone, low strings still stiff and now bloated with low mids. No sir, I don't like it. RCA4.........Holy Sh*t. Wonder if BKP tried this because this pickup comes alive with rough A4. The weird tactile artifacts went buh bye, its bright and articulate without being harsh like with A5, but it plays very nicely and shreds very easily with low gain. High and low strings now balance, notes jump off the fretboard. If you have one, I highly recommend this, and I generally either don't like or am indifferent to A4 pickups.

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    Good info. I like the Slash, but mine needs something. It's good and even, but very "plain" to me. There isn't a character to it that jumps out.
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      The Slash bridge with a UOA5 is a magnet swap I'd never considered.

      What did the UOA5 do for the low end with that pickup?
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        I resisted the magnet swapping movement at first but now I'm sold!

        It's great a way to dial in that tone you've been hearing in your head.

        Most of my experience with magnet swaps has been with 59's, Seth Lovers and Antiquitys.

        I know I prefer paf style pickups, but calibrated so the bridge pickup is stronger than the neck pickup rather than them being identical as they are with vintage Gibson humbuckers.

        I liked RCA5 better than UOA5. For me I got a purer tone with less harmonic conflict. I liked UOA5...just liked RCA5 more.
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          Originally posted by gsammo79 View Post
          The Slash bridge with a UOA5 is a magnet swap I'd never considered.

          What did the UOA5 do for the low end with that pickup?
          The whole pickup became more articulate like a blanket came off the amp. I'd say that was across frequencies; I didn't think the low end on the stock pickup was bloated so it didn't strike me that it changed dramatically except it became more responsive and low single notes cut through more.