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longer pickup adjustment screws?

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  • longer pickup adjustment screws?

    Hey All,

    Need some help, more player than tech here, and I installed amos pickups in my amos v, but the adjustment screws that came with the pickups do not seem long enough to get the pickups low enough for me before the screw just comes out completely. Can anyone lend some advice or what type of longer screws I might need or something i overlooked? I would much appreciate it!
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    Typical humbucker screws will allow for the pickup to be significantly lower than the mounting frame (pickup ring on a vintage V, pickguard on the late 60's style) at engagement with the thread. Either ebay or something like Philadelphia Luthier tools (or any guitar parts store) will have them.
    But typical humbuckers from Duncan would come with the generic long leg screws from new - these being about 1 1/4" long threaded section


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      Yeah, thats kind of my problem. the screws that came with the amos pickups just barely threaded are still quite high above the mounting ring. I think i need something longer.


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        Try checking out STEWMAC as well. Theyve got great customer service. If you need to, just find the "contact us" or "customer service" link in the menu or at the bottom of the web page and send them an email with your situation and the specifics (brand and model of guitar and type of pickups, and whether they are direct mount, pickgaurd mounted, or pickup ring mounted) and they will definitely respoond with an email and likely include a link to the right screw/part you need, or a part number at the very least. They are a great place for finding parts of ANY kind big or small. Philadelphia Luthier Tools is a good place to go as well, though for something such as this, STEWMAC would be the first place I would check. Good luck finding what you need
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          +1 for stewmac
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