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Need pickup ideas for upcoming V project.

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  • Need pickup ideas for upcoming V project.

    I have a precision kits V coming in soon. The wood combo i picked is new to me. So I need bridge pickup ideas. The body is black korina, maple neck with ebony board. I’m looking for a medium output pickup that will handle hard rock and sludgier metal tones.
    I have the ml for my faster modern metal tones an Ibanez ARX for my bluesy, classic rock and regular rock tones. So I have those bases covered. I want the V to my Alice in chain and C.O.C. Types tones. I’m not looking for 100% but close enough. I’m not set on any certain brand.
    so any suggestions will be looked at.

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    The Dmz Super Distortion is medium output, hard rock and sludgy.
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      I'd go with a Jazz & Custom. It should get the sounds you are looking for without any trouble. The Custom is hot enough for AIC-style stuff and the Jazz is great for cleaner parts.
      Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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        Custom would fit the bill, it is present enough to cut through even when you dial up the bass on your amp.

        If you want something that is going to be rounder and fatter, check out the DiMarzio Air Zone. It is generally smooth and may need more treble at the amp, but has noticeably more sustain on single notes, and surprising clarity to my ears.

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          Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll check into them I had the custom in an epiphone explorer but didn’t care for it. It could have just been that guitar though. I plan on just running a bridge pickup with no neck. I prefer the tone and simplicity of it.


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            What didn't you like about the Custom in your guitar? You can certainly change the EQ of a Custom by swapping magnets, too. Another option is the 59/Custom Hybrid, if you need it to be a little tamer.
            Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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              In the guitar I tried it in it sounded ok when i was in Eb which is my standard tuning. But if I tuned down any it got real fizzy sounding and the notes weren’t clear. It could have just been that guitar it never sounded exactly right. Even when I put an Anderson H3+ in it. It sounded better but still didn’t have much bottom end.
              I’ve used more Duncan’s than any other brand and had success with them. I’ve tried dimarzio in a few guitars. Bur didn’t care for them except in music man’s.
              I liked the bareknuckle nail bomb the few times I’ve tried it in guitars. I’m also a fan of the Duncan El Diablo. But it hotter than what I want for this guitar.


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                If you are tuning this V down, look at the Pegasus instead. It is more modern than the Custom, but is really great for low tunings.
                Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan