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Quickie spin-a-split question.

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  • Quickie spin-a-split question.

    I'm wiring my customers Cool Rails with SaS in two positions. I assume that as you "split" to single-coil mode, the pup would get brighter. So for those of you who have actually used this, do you wire the pot for clockwise split, or CCW split? In other words, CW for split, would simulate normal quasi tone control action. Whereas, CCW split, would be like bring the SaS "into the circuit", so to speak.

    How do you guys, (gals), do it?


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    ive always wired it like a tone control so as i roll the knob back, i roll out that coil


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      I'm confident I'm not the one that discovered this, but I have had decent luck with a 10k reverse log* pot, and converted to no-load.

      *I used an audio taper, wired *backwards*.

      EDIT: using the regular audio taper of course means CCW progressively (and perhaps unintuitively) splits the coil, and 10k is a good range for the most dramatic effect (at least IME). And no-load so that the knob fully dimed equals zero split.
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        Thanks Jeremy and Matt. I'll do it like "normal."

        Matt: I'm using the pot that's in there, and he wants it tomorrow, so I'm stuck with using a 500k log. We'll see how this works out.