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OUCH! Phat Cats in my PRS

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    Re: OUCH! Phat Cats in my PRS

    Originally posted by Roel from Holland
    I consider to rep[lace the Schaller pickups in my Heritage H575 with either Phat Cats or Z90's. Which pu is most suitable for Jazz/Blues ?

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I think when you take apart Phat Cats and Z90's, you'll see that Phat Cats are "true" P90's. The Z90's really are not true P90's in the way they are constructed. Al let me borrow a pair of his z90s and I kinda chedked them out, didn't take them apart completely, but they don't sound exactly like P90s to me.

    The Phat Cats sound exactly like P90s to me.

    Funny, but when I read the title and the word "Ouch", I thought, hmmm.... the first person I've ever read about that didn't like Phat Cats.

    As far as the coil tap thing, I just connected that push pull tone pot as a straight tone, push or pulled, still just a tone pot. Great in my PRS.

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