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Yellow Ledbetter tone :: Tele / JB + ?

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    Originally posted by Mincer View Post
    I say, get a new pickguard, and throw in a Classic Stack. It is noiseless, and has a great ideal Strat neck tone.

    Gets you a classic Strat neck tone and bucks the hum.

    The clean tone of Yellow Ledbetter sounds like a notch tone, but it doesn't sound quacky in the same way that Sultans of Swing is (to my ears). I think you can get close to the vibe with a classic Strat sounding pickup in the neck and experimenting with the new neck position sounds or with the middle position sounds. Even though the Tele middle position sound is different than the notch tones of the Strat, they both have a rounded-yet-spanky quality that take you into the same territory, IMO.
    Originally posted by crusty philtrum
    Anyone who *sings* at me through their teeth deserves to have a bus drive through their face


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      Originally posted by Gtrjunior View Post

      I just remembered we are talking about a tele that limits our options.
      My bad...
      Originally posted by Gtrjunior View Post

      I just remembered we are talking about a tele that limits our options.
      My bad...
      Negative, zero limitations.
      I’m getting a new pickguard.
      May even get 2 singles.
      I only have one other 3 pickup guitar.

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        I picked up an SSL-6 for the middle.

        I’m wondering if so should get another for the neck, or if I should get something lower in output like the SSL-2.


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          Originally posted by Clint 55 View Post

          The benefit to using a spin a split is that you can dial as much strat as you want. With the stag mag for example, it's fat and middy and as you roll the spin a split back it becomes progressively more single coil like and hollow until you reach fully split. But you can find the right balance for you.
          So I’m trying to figure out wiring for this.
          The webpage that I found showed it for one single hum bucker that had its own volume pot and the spin pot. But Veronica tore like this one that’s HSS with one volume and one tone I’m having a hard time figuring out how I would make that work.

          The second thing that I am trying to decide on his pot values. Obviously I would prefer to have a 500 K for the JB, but that would probably sound like crap for the middle and neck singles. Perhaps a master 330k(?)
          A separate 500k volume for the JB and separate 330k volume for the singles would normally be the way I’d roll, but I’m afraid I might want a tone control sometimes.

          Y’all’s thoughts much appreciated.


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            if youre using 500k pots, i like the ssl6 a lot in the neck and middle positions. with 250k they might be dark but the 500k opens them up.