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Benedetto B6 Label Question

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  • Benedetto B6 Label Question

    I just bought a used Benedetto B6 pickup on line. There's a sticker on the back that says 'ION64 B6-0454'. Just curious if anyone knows what that refers to? Thanks!

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    I can't say specifically, but it is in keeping with the new pickup ID labels. Probably a date code, or something. My Screamin' Demon says: ILR24 SH-12 0165

    So, it's legit, but someone from Duncan would probably have to say what it means.

    P.S. I'd love to hear your review after you get it installed. The Benedetto's intrigue me.
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      Thanks for the input Artie! The labeling makes sense, based on that. I just posted a second question about wiring it, if you're bored this morning...


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        Artie, based on my amazing experience with the Benedetto A6 pickups in my Ibanez AF120, I'm planning to put this into the neck position of my Eastman John Pisano AR380CE.


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          Originally posted by magillver View Post
          . . . if you're bored this morning...
          Yes and no. Just heading out to grab a couple customers guitars for fretwork. But I'll be back later.