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Passive Bass Humbuckers

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  • alex1fly
    Are you routing out whatever you want or do you have pickup cavity constraints? What styles of music? Are you doing one pickup or two? What's the bass based on - P, J, something else?

    Hard to beat a single music man style pickup near the bridge. However my favorite bass and pickup combo is the classic Precision Bass. Thunderous sound, fits great in a mix. Tons of variety in tone simply by where you pluck, simple controls, the ultimate plug-and-play bass in my experience. I've gigged several different P basses at several dozen venues and even though it's a single coil pickup I never had an issue with hum. Jazz Basses and Musicman style basses were always a little fussier to get a tone I wanted. The P basses never fought me for a good tone. GFS, Fender, Duncan, Dimarzio are all good options for pickups.

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  • cmac
    started a topic Passive Bass Humbuckers

    Passive Bass Humbuckers


    I’m planning a bass build soon and I’m looking for recommendations for affordable or even cheap passive humbuckers.

    I’m not at all a fan of active pickups in a bass, I just want to plug in and play.

    I’ve seen a set a thunderbird bass pickup knockoffs on eBay but I know nothing about them.

    Any recommendations?
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