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    I’m planning a bass build soon and I’m looking for recommendations for affordable or even cheap passive humbuckers.

    I’m not at all a fan of active pickups in a bass, I just want to plug in and play.

    I’ve seen a set a thunderbird bass pickup knockoffs on eBay but I know nothing about them.

    Any recommendations?
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    Are you routing out whatever you want or do you have pickup cavity constraints? What styles of music? Are you doing one pickup or two? What's the bass based on - P, J, something else?

    Hard to beat a single music man style pickup near the bridge. However my favorite bass and pickup combo is the classic Precision Bass. Thunderous sound, fits great in a mix. Tons of variety in tone simply by where you pluck, simple controls, the ultimate plug-and-play bass in my experience. I've gigged several different P basses at several dozen venues and even though it's a single coil pickup I never had an issue with hum. Jazz Basses and Musicman style basses were always a little fussier to get a tone I wanted. The P basses never fought me for a good tone. GFS, Fender, Duncan, Dimarzio are all good options for pickups.
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