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Duncan distortion neck magnet swap in bridge position

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    Originally posted by Clint 55 View Post
    What information? You guys are going full retard with full disregard for any info at all.

    - So the DDn was originally the Seymourizer?
    Yeah, but it uses 43 so it's really an underwound Custom.
    - Oh, but it sounds more like the DD bridge.
    Doesn't matter, it uses 43 so it's an underwound Custom.
    - Oh, isn't it the case if there are huge differences in eq it means it's a different model/wind?
    No, cuz it uses 43 so it's an identical wind. See when you overwind something the resonant peak shifts down and you get more mids.
    - Oh, I see so more wire equals more mids, is that why the DDn which is wound lighter has a huge mid spike while the Custom wind has none?
    Yep, wound with 43.
    - But surely there must be other factors in the wind besides the wire gauge, are the Black Winter neck, and Jason Becker really underwound Customs as well?
    The DDn has 43 so it's a Custom.
    - Oh, other pickup makers use 43 to make humbuckers, are they really the Custom wind as well?
    DDn uses 43 so it's a Custom.
    - So the DDn was originally its own design and at present, the builder himself describes the DDn as being specifically designed for the bridge. Doesn't that mean anything?
    Nope, what Duncan says doesn't matter. DDn has 43 so it's by definition a Custom.
    - I see. Thanks for that great info there!

    Full retard.
    If I were a mod, I'd give you a little break from the forum