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Brand New Epiphone project.

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  • Brand New Epiphone project.

    I just bought (still waiting for it) a project guitar in the form of an Epiphone SL.

    Does anyone know if these single coil (ceramic) pick ups are the same dimensions as a Strat pick up ?

    . . . and . . .

    Can would i be able to get a Jaguar bridge pick up in there with no scratch plate mods ?

    Thanks to all.
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    Your guitar uses pups that are the same as Strat. Not sure if Jaguar pup will require scratchplate mods or not. If so, it would be minor. Probably will need body mod under the scratchplate.
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      i have a strat wired up with three antiquity II jag pups and it worked fine. strat covers on the pups too. you may want to pull the wire out of the 2nd hole depending on your strat pup covers