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    Going to do some experiments. Ordered a P-Rail, have a Pearly Gates and a local guy is winding up a P90 for me.

    I'll let you all know what wins!


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      bucker size p90 by the local guy i assume? betcha it sounds good


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        I hope so! He does really good work on guitars but I haven't heard any of his pickups. We'll see!


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          So, parts started showing up and the guitar arrived last week.

          The previous owner did a hack job with the wiring. I assume they had better pickups in there but pulled them out before listing the guitar for sale. The neck pickup, 3-way switch and Tone pot aren't connected to anything. The Duncan Designed humbucker is wired to the volume control and output jack.

          The finish is also much worse than was described.

          Going to do an amateur spray and seal for the finish and replace all of the guts. I have a Switchcraft 3-way and output jack, pickups and .047 Orange Drop caps.

          Now, the pots. It has 500k, mismatched pots in there now but they are pretty rough. The diagram from SD for this wiring scheme specifies 250k pots. Given that the humbucker/P90 will get most of the playing time, should I stick with 500k?


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            First up: P Rails!
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              Well, damn! That rocks!!
              Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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                looks great! hows it sound?


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                  Sounds great so far, especially the P-Rails split to the P90 coil. That blends nicely with the QP neck pickup too.

                  A little dark in humbucker mode so I'll stick a smaller cap in there. Going to have to experiment to find the sweet spot.

                  Plays great though! I love these early 2000's Korean ESP guitars.