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Different pickup output = impossible love?

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  • Different pickup output = impossible love?

    first of all thank you for your time about this tone question!

    I was wondering if an SSL-7(bridge) pickup would do well next to a Five-Two RWRP in the middle, since the output difference seem to be high.
    Do they get along?
    Can I get away with it by ajusting the pickup height?
    Is there hot pickups with alnico II&V?

    I had in mind an SSL-5 for neck, trying to get a stoner blues tone on my srat.
    Do you guys have recomendations for a cool, not too over the top stoner sound?

    Thank you!!

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    Welcome to tha forum.

    QPs do balance with vintage neck and middle pickups. I've had that set up before. All the pickups ended up sitting at about the same height for me actually. If you put an SSL5 in the neck, you will have to drop it though.
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      It won't be as hum-cancelly, though, as there is a different amount of wire on each pickup. But it will be quieter than if the Five Two wasn't rw/rp.
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