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P-Rails Sound Issue with Bridge Pickup

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  • P-Rails Sound Issue with Bridge Pickup

    Hello all,

    I got a strange wiring issue with me newly installed P-Rails. I've taken a Yamaha PAC120H and put in a Set of P-Rails. I've not used the triple shot system, but two push/pull pots, one for volume and one for tone. I've used this wiring diagramm with exact same specs on the pots and cap:

    Now to the issue: The Neck PU seems to work as expected. Both P/Ps down, I get the loud humbucking Series Sound. I pull one out, I get the straty rail sound. I push the first one in and pull the other out, I get the quacky punchy P90 sound. If I pull them both out, I get the slightly thinner humucking parallel sound. So far so good.

    Now the bridge PU seems to be completely out of order. With both P/Ps pushed in, I can hear hum and have a low output, almost like the rail is activated only, when I pull one of them out, suddenly it gets louder and hum-cancelling, pull the other one and nothing really changes and when both pots are pulled, the sound is very quiet and super thin. I can only guess, but I think this it what it sounds like when connected out-of-phase.

    I already un-soldered the circuit and cleaned excess solder off and soldered it back together but the issue is still there. The 3 way switch works well, so it can not be the source of the problem.

    I've read somewhere that some Users had issues with faulty color coded wires in conjunction with triple-shots and they flipped some wires, which made it seem to work. I would also try this, but I'd like to gather some advice first before unnecessarily frying my pots and wires.

    Did somone have similiar issues? How did you solve it?

    Thank you in advance and have a nice day.

    EDIT: In this thread the person describes the exact same strange sound behaivour. I will try to swap the red and green for the bridge and update this thread afterwards.

    SOLUTION: I switched the red and green wires for the Bridge Pickup as described in the linked thread and now everything is fine. Except from this little issue, these pickups are fire!
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