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Been modding again!

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  • Been modding again!

    A while back I fitted a push-pull to enable coil splitting on the bridge humbucker on my MIM HSS Strat.

    Yesterday I added the NOT the Gilmour mod, um Gilmour mod, that is adding another push-pull to enable bridge plus neck, and by extension and the 5-way switch, an all three pickups options.

    As someone on another forum pointed out,, it's clearly NOT the Gilmour mod because (sarcasm follows):

    1. Mine is an HSS Strat not an SSS Strat.
    2. It was made in Mexico not the US.
    3. Mine is blue not black like Dave G.'s.
    4. I also have the completely separate mod to coil split the humbucker.
    5. I used push-pulls instead of spearate switches.
    6. I almost certainly didn't use the same brands of pickups, wires, solder, etc. as Dave G. did.

    Anyway, here's the circuit diagram. Constructive criticism or pointing out error comments welcomed.Click image for larger version

Name:	TCWs NOT The Glimour Gilmour Mod Plus Coil Split Bridge Humbucker Rev A 22FEB21.png
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    And you also didn't use the SSL-5...
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      Add-neck is a great mod. Neck single + bridge single is a wonderful option to add to a Strat.
      Never been a big fan of the all-three-on setting myself but some use it.
      Neck single + bridge hum can be cool too; I've got that combination available on several guitars and I like it.
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        One suggestion...use the other pole of your neck/bridge swutch to take the bridge tone knob out of the circuit. The two tones can muddy the sound. Taking the bridge tone out will make the neck/bridge tone honk and spank like a telecaster!
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