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JBJr???Lil' 59???Hot Stack??What a!?!

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  • JBJr???Lil' 59???Hot Stack??What a!?!

    Hi guys, like the title says i'm searching for single sized h'buckers for my strat, and i'd like to have some advices from someone surely more experienced than me... I would like to change neck and bridge p'ups on my Strat (possibly without changing the middle pup... no $$$ - even if i'd have to pay in euros ), and i dunno what could be the right choice... I would like to have lots of harmonics, sustain, warm sound and great overdrive, cause i'd like to play blues, rock and sometimes heavy music (i'd also like to learn how to be a good tapper using possibly a good p'up for this purpose)... However i'm trying to focus my choice primarily on a warm sounding p'up with great sustain... Another matter is that i would like to keep a "stock sounding" axe, splitting the p'ups when needed as well... So you all can understand that i just dunno what to do... this is a hard challenge for me, and i'd appreciate very much any type of help-tips-and-everything related to this hard and (at least for me, cause 300 euros and over are hard to pull out from anyone's pocket...til' that anyone doesn't have much profits... ) expensive choice...

    Thanks alot for any advices and replies...well...gotta go


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    Re: JBJr???Lil' 59???Hot Stack??What a!?!

    I tried a JBjr in my MIJ Strat but thought it sounded too bright for the guitar. I currently have a STK-2 Hotstack in the bridge but it sounds too thin, so a few months back I posted a similar question as you did in regards to the bridge pup, and most here recommended a Little 59. I bought one for the axe but to date haven't installed it, planning on doing so when I restringed the guitar. I haven't gotten around to that yet as I bought another Strat and a Schecter, which put the MIJ on the back burner.
    Guess I should get on that and swap the lil59 into the guitar to see what it sounds like, but from what you described it sounds like you may be looking in that same direction yourself.


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      Re: JBJr???Lil' 59???Hot Stack??What a!?!

      thanks midnite...i appreciated much your fact i'm looking in that direction, and now i'm even more pointed towards that way...however, thanks again and please tell me something (good or bad news) when you'll put in the lil'59...i'd be pleased to receive a little review on that p'up, in wich i'm already very interested as well.bye and thanks again!


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        Re: JBJr???Lil' 59???Hot Stack??What a!?!

        I think a Hot Rails and a lil59 in the neck might be a good way to go for you.

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