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So...Tell Me About the Gravity Storm (Bridge)

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  • So...Tell Me About the Gravity Storm (Bridge)

    I bought a used Gravity Storm bridge pickup several months ago (in Blue).
    Am going to put it in one of my Floyd builds when the time comes.

    Tell me all about it, get the juices flowing (or not).
    I have a PAF Pro I was probably planning on using with it if that thickens the plot.

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    Love the pickup. Had one for a while and was running a PAF Joe in the neck with it. BIG warm round but still cuts and is not muddy. It how ever was so different from the other tones I had I went another direction. Had more to do with what I was playing than the pickup though. For a HUGE open brown sounding pickup it's a real KILLER! The PAF Pro is way to hot and muddy in the neck IMO it's a better medium output bridge pickup.. A PAF Joe would be a better choice in both output and tone with the GS IMO!
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      Freaking love mine. Thick, juicy leads. Sounds like Andy Timmons. Bottom is also thick though, not crunchy. Not for rhythm as much though.
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        Sounds like Andy Timmons.