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Question about mixing 250K and 500K push/pull pot

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  • Question about mixing 250K and 500K push/pull pot

    Hello everyone! n00b here. Well, I can solder and follow directions, but that's about it. I have a few questions for something I'm working on.

    I'm setting up:
    • HSS guitar with 1 volume, 2 tone, Schaller Megaswitch S in HSS2 configuration
    • Pickups: Custom Custom humbucker and two Classic Stack Plus singles
    I was planning on going with 250K pots all around. Then I had the idea to use a push/pull to kill the middle single coil when in position 2 on the Megaswitch S HSS2 configuration

    I also need long shaft pots for this guitar and all I can seem to find for a long shaft push/pull is here and it's 500K:.

    So here's my questions:
    1. I was planning on putting the push/pull on the volume knob--assuming I can't find a 250K long shaft push/pull, should I buy this 500K pot and put a resistor on it knocking it down to 250K? Or just leave it at 500K?
    2. Or maybe I can use this 500K push/pull as the tone knob for the humbucker? I could still easily wire it to kill the middle pup this way
    As you can see, I am using a mixed humbucker/single coil setup, so I am not sure the implication of using a 500K in either the volume or tone position when the other positions are 250K.

    Thanks for any insight!
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    250k push-pull pots are fairly easy to find:


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      As I was saying in my post, I need long shaft pots for this guitar. The ones you linked to are 3/8" length shaft and I need the 3/4" shaft. I've only been able to find 500K 3/4" shaft push/pull pots, which was the link I provided in my post.
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        I don't think I've ever noticed that before. If you want long-shaft, I guess they assume LP, and therefore, 500k. Sorry.


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          i dont know if ive seen long shaft 250k p/p pots, but i was able to find 25k p/p pots so who knows


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            Thanks for helping out y'all. I think I've pretty much determined that long shaft 250K p/p pots don't exist already---so do you have any insight on my two alternative options I was thinking about? I can put a resistor on a 500K pot to knock it down to 250K, or maybe I could use the 500K p/p pot for the humbucker tone, but I have no idea what the effect of that would be in relation to the two 250K pots and overall sound. Any ideas?


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              i think running the 500k p/p as the bucker tone makes sense. i dont like p/p pots on the volume knob since i use it so much. a 500k tone on the cc will be fine, its a pretty warm pup anyway so a little extra might be a good thing


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                Mouser does have them. Not sure if the "filters" carry through to my link. If not, just select Bourns, 250k, and push-pull.



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                  Originally posted by ArtieToo View Post
                  Mouser does have them. Not sure if the "filters" carry through to my link. If not, just select Bourns, 250k, and push-pull.

                  WOW! Awesome website! They definitely have 19mm p/p Bourns. Thanks for showing me this, it will be my go-to now.


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                    Cool. And if you create a free log-in, you can save projects and re-order things that you've ordered before, so you don't have to search.


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                      mouser is great for finding odd ball stuff