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Do you suppose a Stag Mag could be done Shop Floor Custom like this?

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    Originally posted by Mikelamury View Post
    I inquired to the custom shop about having a JB made with an alnico 8 bar magnet and rod magnets instead of pole pieces?
    The answer was they only have alnico 2 rod magnets and any pickup made with them has to work with only alnico 2 magnets. So they can make different pickups with the alnico 2 rod magnets but they advised me that it probably wouldn't sound good with the JB wind and alnico 2. I agreed. The cost was $180 if I wanted something with alnico 2 rod magnets.
    That doesn’t make any sense. But I guess they are using very short rod magnets. But you can mix magnets.

    But you wouldn’t be putting a bar magnet under that anyway. If you want more oomph, put a steel plate under the two bobbins touching the bottom of the magnets. That will increase the inductance and output. Also fatten up the low end.

    Also, this is where smaller pickup makers come in handy. Any number of them would be happy to make whatever you want that a bigger company like Duncan doesn’t have the time for.

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