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Is this a real Seymour Duncan?

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    Thank you so much! I don't have a tripod with my phone that's the reason why the quality of the pics is not that great. I bought the pickup from Zorro Sounds' third-party market through Amazon. I heard they were an authorized dealer of selling Seymour Duncan products.


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      Hi all. I'm new on here so I hope this ends up in the correct place.
      My question is about the neck pickup of a Mike Stern signature Yamaha that I was hoping to buy. To my eyes the pick up looks like an upside-down bridge pickup, the writing is on the cream coil and effectively upside-down to what I would expect and compared to every other guitar of this model that I can see. However the seller has lifted the pickup and it is labelled as a 59NL which seems correct as the stock pickup. I find this a bit of a contradiction and a bit puzzling.
      Should I be concerned? Is this something anyone has seen before?
      Apologies for no pictures at present, I am really struggling to get them to upload.
      I hope these links will take you to pictures:

      Just to be clear it is installed cream coil nearest to the neck.
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        That is a real SD and the pickup has simply been flipped around in the rout. Might have occurred while the pickup was removed to be examined or the owner simply preferred the cream reversed. Not a big deal, easy fix.


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          Maybe he preferred the look that way, I assume that the bridge pup is opposite?


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            People like to flip neck pickups because you can adjust the screw coil closer to a harmonic node on the string length which makes it brighter and less dark.


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              Thanks for replies

              The bridge pickup is a hot rails telecaster size.

              I really don't think it's been flipped as all Yamaha mike stern models have the neck humbucker installed with the adjustable pole coil furthest from the neck. From what you guys are saying I now understand that this is the "wrong way".
              But, the coil cream / black zebra colours are the way they should be on other SD pickups.

              Would Seymour Duncan have made these specially for Yamaha for this model?

              It still doesn't explain why this guitar the only one I can find with the writing upside-down though.
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                That small writing is usually indicative of an OEM pickup. So, yes, probably made for Yamaha.