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RGIB21 Baritone Guitar pickups

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  • RGIB21 Baritone Guitar pickups

    Hey folks,
    I'm getting started with a baritone guitar (Ibanez RGIB21). It came stock with EMG 60/80s which are fine I guess but they sound kind of flat and tinny to me.

    I usually put the Black WInters in my guitars (BW/BW in my LP, BW/Nazgul in my downtuned SG) because I really like the midrange on 'em. THey have a thick kind of round sound that goes great with reverb, chorus and a flanger or a distortion (I tend to play gothy, doomy, or The Cure (like A Forest and Lullaby) type stuff).

    I'm using the baritone for a deep dark riff sound. Sometimes some power chordy stuff. I don't do a lot of chugging.

    I think The Bunn (Baritone guy on youtube) uses a Jazz/SH-6 combo but he is a bit more metally than I like to play.

    I can throw more Black WInters into this one too but I'm wondering if there are other high midrange pickups that I should try out too. I wish the SD site would let you search by the little EQ graph they have in their pickup description pages.

    Do any of you guys have any recommendations for dark sounding pickups that might be good to check out other than the BWs? Or should I just stick with the Black Winters?


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    Welcome to the forum!

    Ever try the Invaders? I bet they would be great in a baritone.
    Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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      I have not. But I'll take a look at them, thanks.
      would you recommend them as a neck or bridge pickup?


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        You can get Invaders as a set. While the neck model has a resistance similar to a PAF style pu, the ceramic magnets and cap screws will make it harder hitting. It seems to be more mid voiced than most other neck hbs in the Duncan lineup.
        Originally posted by dominus
        Your rant would sound better with an A8 magnet, it'll beef it up some without sacrificing some of the whine.


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          Yeah, a lot of mids, but also a lot of power. It seems to do well with low tunings and lots of distortion, without sounding like a really tight modern metal pickup.
          Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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            Thanks a lot for the suggestion guys. I'll give the Invader set a shot


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              i sold my Sh-11 custom custom to a guy who wanted to use it in a maple body baritone. don’t know if he actually like it.
              don’t know if it’s tight enough, but a baritone should be tight on it’s own?


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                While I love the Custom Custom (my fav bridge pickup), it is super loose, so unless you dig that, it might not work. Modern metal pickups are a good alternative if you love super tight lows, though...a Sentient/Pegasus has different EQ than the Black Winters, but sound ultra modern.
                Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan