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Gibson quick connect plug dimensions

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  • Gibson quick connect plug dimensions

    Hi all,

    Realizing that when I’m doing the last steps of an assembly I can get impatient and inattentive I’m prefabricating all of my elaborate wiring externally on a project. I’m also going to use Gibson quick connect style plugs so there’s no chance to accidentally burn/melt anything on that final step.

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of the quick connect plugs so I can figure out if my drill holes accommodate them?


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    There's threads on here where people have cited and linked to the Mouser parts multiple times. If you use Google search and restrict the results to you should be able to find them.


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      Apparently the force is not with my internet searches. I can’t find dimensions that are for the size across the face of the plug or a required drill hole size to accommodate.


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        You'll need to figure out which exact Molex housing you have, but specs and drawings should be on the Mouser site.

        For myself, I wouldn't drill any holes unless I had the parts in hand and could measure them with calipers myself. But if you don't have them in hand, they can be found also...


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          Hey Prof; I always hate to to try to sway anyone from their original idea, especially since I do so many oddball schemes myself, but let me just toss this out there. (And I have no affiliation with the Duncan Co.) The Duncan Liberator volume control might make this much easier, eliminate the need to drill holes, and ultimately cost less. Just a thought.