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What is the duncan fortuna style hss pickup set?

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  • What is the duncan fortuna style hss pickup set?

    (First I hope you understand how to use a translator)

    I was amazed to hear the sound of the AZ2204N-PBM today.

    I really liked the full sound and the well-balanced sound without protruding. It's difficult to choose the exact term to express this, but it feels like a soft modern sound.

    It is called duncan fortuna pickup, and there is no way to find out if this is a pickup that is only supplied to ibanez.

    I am using a fujigen guitar, this guitar is duncan stk-s4n/ssl-1/tb-4
    The pickups are arranged in order and they sound great, but these pickups are so vintage and aggressive that they don't quite match the sound I'm looking for.

    I have other guitars in vintage style, so I was looking for a modern warm tone sound like ibanez az or shur.

    If you can't buy dunccan's fortuna pickup
    What kind of pickups are there for these sounds? It doesn't matter if it's not a duncan or a pickup like the dimarzio.

    This is the sound I referenced, etc.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Man, that's some very nice playing!

    I don't hear anything there that you couldn't get with low output singles and a compressor pedal. Compression is used to roll off the highs and even out attack, making the spikey sounds of single coils less dynamic and smoother.
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      While we don't know the specs of the Fortuna pickups, I think they're supposed to be a bit more vintagey than the Hyperions. Both types are proprietary for Ibanez, and I don't think it'll be possible to get them separately off the shelf.

      Listening to the Anderton's demo, to me, the single coils sound like SSL1/2. The humbucker also seems to have a bit more high end and not too much compression.
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        Yeah, I think an SSL1 or 2 with a compressor can get that sound. I haven't seen the specs on those Fortuna pickups anywhere. If I tried one myself, I might have a better idea what they are like.
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