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JB / Phatcat P90N , will it work !

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  • JB / Phatcat P90N , will it work !

    On one of my custom Tele builds with two humbuckers I love the JB in the bridge and I doubt anything is going to dethrone it .
    Since the neck route is already a humbucker my choices are limited to try a single coil in there .
    Would a PhatCat P90 work with it's A2 magnet design with a JB , or will there be to much of a volume gap ?

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    No, it works well. I've run that setup before.
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      Why wouldn't it?

      At worst - some height adjustments will be in order. But if you want P90 and JB - go for it.
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        Awesome , thanks for the advice .


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          Yes. Yes it will. FWIW, my fave Phat Cat variation at the neck is the Alnico IV PCn. It gets rid of a lot of the boominess inherent in the original design. If you ask me, Duncan should sell an underwound PCn for guys that like a bit more clarity.
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            A Phat Cat will work, but being a single coil, you might hear the hum with more gain.
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              Phat Cat, for what it is, is a pretty damn loud pickup, volume-wise.
              It is definitely not lacking in volume.
              So yes, should work fine.