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Help me get my JB/Jazz back in my Charvel.

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  • Help me get my JB/Jazz back in my Charvel.

    This is the original pickup harness from my Charvel Pro Mod.

    not sure if i have the right schematic.

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    I used to have that double pole switch in mine. Use the “six pack of sound” wiring diagram.
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      What schematic do you have?

      I'm not sure if there are more than one Six-Pack Of Sound wirings, but it appears the most recent is just normal B, B+N, N with the push-pull down, and the same split to outer screw coils with the push-pull up.

      This Duncan diagram will do that if you just make one modification - instead of connecting the push-pull jumper at the bottom to ground, connect it over to the hot lug on the volume pot.

      If you're absolutely requiring using the switch wring you have, it looks like it has something more sophisticated going on, as the selector switch is a 3-way super switch (4-pole, 3-throw - 4P3T) and the push-pull looks like it black and yellow wires on the center lugs, a blue on the upper left, and red / white on the lower lugs. Need to either see a photo of a working Charvel with that or an original schematic to figure out how it worked.

      Here's a home-made one that was posted on this site, but it appears to split to alternate inner/outer. (also looks like yours has the push-pull on the volume, rather than the tone, however):
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