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Anybody NOT prefer treble bleed?

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    It varies guitar to pickup combination individually.
    Originally posted by Bad City
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      Originally posted by Hank- View Post

      The original idea was from our own Frank Fablo decade ago or so posted on jemsite I think, google showed it somewhere on ashbass mods.
      Found it, quote from Ashbass

      ”In the diagram, the yellow wire is the input to the pot and the red wire is the output from the pot. In Frank's example an Ibanez type guitar is used and the input is coming from the switch--the pickup hot goes to the switch first and then the switch to the pot. On a les paul the pickup hot goes first to the pot and then the pot output goes to the switch. In both, the middle lug of the pot is the output lug and that is the one used for the mod. As I understand the classic treble bleed, for this mod using resistor with the capacitor is not needed. The resistor was used in the typical treble bleed to even out the pot's taper. With the falbo mod a resistor in series with the cap will not do anything for pot taper.

      The mod works on the output of the volume pot as fed by a tone pot. Note: "a" tone pot. If you try to use two tone pots connecting to the same volume pot, at any time both tone pots will be live and affect the vol pot together. This is probably not what you want to do“.


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      “Practice cures most tone issues”


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        Originally posted by quadquadquadquad View Post
        On the second pot, is everything grounded to the case?
        No, its an old drawing. Here's a better one using a resistor+cap in series treble bleed setup,
        Click image for larger version

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