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SSL5 Fender American Standard 2004

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  • SSL5 Fender American Standard 2004

    Hello, I have a Fender American Standard 2004 guitar, I want a stronger single coil sound in the bridge. SSL5 would be what I'm looking for but I don't know how to connect the wires? Or maybe it needs rwrp ssl5 version? The photo shows the original Fender pickups. Please help.
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    This would depend on what you want the other knobs and switches to do. If combining Fender and SDs, you'd also need to reverse the hot & ground on the SD to remain in phase (not rw/rp).
    Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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      Thank you for your answer.
      The SSL5 on the Gilmour strat guitar connects to with the single coil Fender CS69. Do not have a middle position on the RWRP version.
      Here the cables swapped hot & ground.
      But in the factory Fender 2004 single coil, the middle one is probably RWRP and then I can install the wiring diagram Seymour Duncan?
      Maybe someone had a similar problem. Or maybe you mentioned all three single coil:
      neck SSL1, middle SSL1, bridge SSL5


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        You don't need a rw/rp. Just swap the hot and ground on the SD. It should be in phase then. An SSL-1 (or -2) is a great match for the SSL-5 (or -6). You just wire them normally if using all Duncans.
        Dave, Ambassador/Writer/Artist for Seymour Duncan


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          If you feel the ssl-5 being too dark, use a 500k pot for the bridge.
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            I already had the SSL5 on a different guitar. The tone control was not connected and it playing great.
            I got so used to it that now the usual single coil in the bridge is too weak. It's best to have the whole set with ssl1 and ssl5. Though Fender single coil is probably not bad.