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Strange heights of pole pieces

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  • Strange heights of pole pieces

    Is there a reason the pole pieces underneath the "A" string should be higher than all others on my single coils? Both of the "A" poles on my Samarium Cobalt Noiseless single coil pups that came on my AM DLX Fat Strat are higher than all others. I've seen alternating staggers and staggers with the center poles higher and tapering off toward the edges, but never a single one sticking up. I know it's not a Duncan pup but do you suppose there's a good reasom for this? Is this a common thing and I've just not been paying attention? Just curious.

    BTW, they sound awesome. I won't be ripping those babies out, although I'm considering a Duncan Custom as a replacement for that DH-1 humbucker. Gonna give it a little longer before I decide though.