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what to do with my crappy HB's

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  • what to do with my crappy HB's

    I don't know who made them all I know is that the neck is muddy and the bridge is tinny & weak. I remember reading about how you can get your HB wound to the exact '78 EVH specs but i don't remember the price also I think i'd also need to do the mag swap. (i think i have ceramic since it's really metallic sounding with a hot/harsh brightness in the bridge and funky treble strings in neck). Would it be smarter to just by a regular line pup fresh or see if I can save some $ with rewinding my crappy pups and doing mag swaps?
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    Re: what to do with my crappy HB's

    I believe rewinding costs $75 for most pickups. I'm not sure if a new magnet is included in that price or not. You can always spend $5 on a magnet and do the swap yourself, and then send it in for a rewind. If you want the '78 model, it would probably be cheaper to have it rewound than to spend $160 on a new one. Otherwise, if you just want a standard production pickup, you're probably better off just buying a new one.

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      Re: what to do with my crappy HB's

      good question, you could just not use them al together, i have a single coil made of cermic magnet and am thinking of fiddling aorund with it for fun and see what i get but thats it
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