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Seymour Duncan Announces '78, Green Magic and High Voltage Pickups

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    I imagine I'll be trying a Green Magic set at some point in the near future
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      Originally posted by ArtieToo View Post
      To be honest, I don't really "get" the Greenie thing. You can take pretty much any pickup in the Duncan line, and add a switch to flip its polarity. If you want to make it more permanent, you can flip its' magnet. Why make a higher priced pickup with that built in?
      If its done right one neck pickup coil should be rewound with Formvar, because Green's tech in London had no enamel wire handy.
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        Originally posted by Mincer View Post
        Thought the release deserved its own thread, not buried in another one.

        The '78 Model

        Click image for larger version

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        In the late 70s, Seymour Duncan was well known as the go-to guy for the tone-chasers that needed something custom. Sometime in ‘78 he was given a P.A.F. with the instructions to rewind it and make it more sensitive to natural and artificial harmonics. In other words, give it the Duncan “hot wind” with a little extra.

        The Seymour Duncan ‘78 is loaded with an Alnico 2 magnet, wound to the exact same hot specs as that original P.A.F. rewind. The magnet and output combination lend themselves to a warm crunch with biting leads and overtone laden tapped runs.

        Green Magic

        Click image for larger version

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        Guitarists have long sought out the lonesome hollow blues rock tones that emerged in the late 60’s. For one guitarist, his signature tone was achieved as the result of a fortunate accident – a pickup with a magnet installed backwards and out of phase.

        With these humbuckers you’ll get the classic neck and bridge tones as expected, but when you activate both Green Magics you’ll get the clarity and expressiveness generally associated with single coils. The Green Magic set recreates this magical out of phase sound by flipping the neck pickup’s magnet to reverse the phase when combined with the bridge pickup. They are also voiced for the classic era, warm and expressive with the perfect balance of clarity.

        For any guitarist wanting to expand the versatility of their guitar and capture the authentic tones of blues rock’s golden era with a touch of the supernatural, get the Green Magic set.

        High Voltage

        Click image for larger version

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        The Seymour Duncan High Voltage pickups were designed for players that are looking for the perfect balance between hard rocking tone and crystal clear cleans. Powerful chords, low end legato riffage and generally expressive tight rhythms on one end and screaming, sustaining leads on the other.

        The High Voltage humbuckers are a nod to the old school with the familiar Alnico 2 magnets, but they are wound for a bit more aggressive voicing that creates a noticeable sonic distance. The bridge pickup is degaussed in this calibrated set that delivers a very balanced tone.

        If you’re looking for your full gamut of classic hard rocking tone to come from your pickups and amps more so than pedals, this is the set for you!
        When are we going to get the demos?
        Thinking of a High Voltage set for 05 SG Standard (with 498T/490R set) and the Green Magic set for my DBZ Bolero (currently sporting a SH-5 + 59n'J set).
        Angus tone was AWESOME when I saw him back on the Black Ice Tour. If the production set hits that tone, it's a must buy for me. About the Bolero, the SH-5/59n' set has gotten boring to me after getting the Antiquities on my H-150.
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          For the fastest way to see demos, follow the SD social media feeds (insta, youtube, twitter). As soon as they are released, they will be posted.
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            Originally posted by Mincer View Post
            For the fastest way to see demos, follow the SD social media feeds (insta, youtube, twitter). As soon as they are released, they will be posted.
            Found this girl on Instagram with the High Voltage Pickups on her SG Standard guitar....
            They have a ringing, old school rock n' roll / blues vibe.
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