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SD version of Dimarzio ProTrack DP188..or similar

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    Mojo's Minions

  • eclecticsynergy
    It sounds as if you aren't looking for hotter output but simply a fuller tone, right?

    Not being able to adjust pickup height is a significant limitation.
    It's also hard to tell what's comparable between different brands of pickups.
    They don't rate their output the same way, and the B/M/T tone ratings aren't entirely reliable.

    I do not have technical info on the DP415; only have specifications for the 403, 404, 408, & 409.
    But specs on the Pro Track show it as medium output; about the same as an Air Norton.
    In that case, the Lil 59 might not be quite strong enough.

    Offhand, I agree the Cool Rails might be a good match.
    Or perhaps the Lil Screamin Demon which is brighter and more scooped in the mids.

    Hot Rails would likely be too hot and dark in this case I think.
    And the Quarter Pound is still fairly singlecoily - more like a P90 than a humbucker.

    Mojo's Minions
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  • Mincer

  • Mincer
    While it is slightly deeper, you might look at the Little 59 neck model, which certainly sounds like a humbucker to me. If you want something clearer and cleaner, look at the Cool Rails.

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  • andyg_prs
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  • SD version of Dimarzio ProTrack DP188..or similar


    After a year of waiting for a pickup I've tried to order I'm giving up! I have a Vigier Ultrablues HSS fitted with a Virtual PAF humbucker in the bridge and Virtual Vintage DP415s as the single coils.

    The neck single coil is sweet but I want a hotter sound....more like a humbucker. Recommendations were for the ProTrack DP188.

    The important thing is, the neck position has plenty of output, the pickup is direct mounted with no ability to lower the pickup to reduce the output. So, I want to be careful for the single coil sized humbucker to not over power the other pickups.

    If the information on the Dimarzio website is correct, these are the current neck pickup dimensions....but please note there is no flange cut out so the replacement has to take that into account.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DP415 dim.jpg
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    What would you recommend from Seymour Duncan bearing in mind the dimensions, no flange and wanting some more humbucker like characteristics but without over powering the rest of the instrument that doesn't have high output pickups?

    Thanks so much!