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PATB-3 vs Screamin' Demon

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  • PATB-3 vs Screamin' Demon

    Ok... so Deamon vs PATB-3. Which will have a warmer tone? I know both are in the hot PAF levels of heat. Just trying to figure out which one will be warmer. Thanks!
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    I have both but their situations are so different that it's really hard to give an objective comparison.
    The PATB-3 is in a Floydcaster and the Demons are both in mahogany Gibson scale set-necks, with one of them in neck position.

    My mind tells me probably the PATB-3 is warmer, though it doesn't lack for highs.
    Still, I haven't ever had the two in similar guitars so take that opinion with a grain of salt.

    EDIT: I'd say the PATB-3 feels more vintagey, though I know that isn't what you're asking about.
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      PATB-3 should sound warmer. It was intended to add thickness (mids) to Floyded superstrat type guitars and the Demon has some scoop to the mids. That said, your ears may differ.