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Why Such (Relatively) Little Love for EMG HZs?

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    I usually stop reading when EMGs come up. I didn’t know they made passive pickups other than the Select trash. These sound interesting.


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      I don’t have experience with the guitar ones but the EMG Hz for bass sound great IMHO.

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        Billie , I've been wanting to try the HZs for bass. They're hyping the Geezer Butler set now, but I already have a set of Fender 62 Originals in a PJ. I don't know why I'd want a retro throwback Fender sound like the Geezers are supposed to be when I have the originals already installed. The Geezers may be slightly overwound relative to vintage Fender spec, but for me generally the hotter a bass pickup is wound the less success I have with it. Just creates mud I have to roll off in post.


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          freefrog , thanks the excellent post. You know something is OG EMG when it has that horrible typeface.

          I've only seen EMG hype ceramic and steel construction.

          Interesting that the H2s seem to have closest to the resonant frequency of an 81, which I think is close to 2.2 khz.

          Anyway, I think they're good pickups. I went from thinking EMGs were the best pickups in the world 20 years ago to now thinking they don't sound that great by themselves but something about how they sit in a metal/rock mix is so nice.

          Other pickups may sound better alone but I bet I'll end up rolling off lows and highs from rhythm guitars.

          My new favorites are the Gibson 498t and for actives AHB-1 and AHB-3 Blackouts.