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I had forgot how good the L280's are.

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  • I had forgot how good the L280's are.

    So, today I'm just giving credit where credit is due. It's a shout out to the late Bill Lawrence. I don't think Seymour will mind. I have an old strat that I rarely play just because I have other strats that I bond with better, but once in awhile I give the old girl a spin. It has a set of old Bill Lawrence noiseless singles. They are the L280's. I don't usually have a problem with traditional strat pickup hum, so I just go with true singles, unless I find myself in a problem environment of something. But these sound great. Very Straty with lots of quack. They sound great clean or under gain.

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    You CANNOT go wrong with Bill Lawrence units in anything with strings. I have been using, selling, and installing them since the late 70's when the only other aftermarket pickup was Larry DiMarzio and his Super D. The hallmark of Lawrence pickups is clarity, high definition, and clean power. I love them in guitars, basses, pedal steel - even on my solid body mandocello.
    aka Chris Pile, formerly of Six String Fever