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  • pup recommendation for new strat build

    Dear All
    my new strat build (HH) is currently wearing a SD livewires set, first generation 18V, 100k pots, classic in the neck, modded metal in the bridge, I added a 100k mini pot in the bridge output at about 25% of the volume. As is now it sounds balanced and nice overall. However compared to my other strat HSH (Dimarzio fast track 2, fast track 1, the chopper) it sounds poor. So,having already 3 guitars with dimarzios, one other guitar with SD, and one with EMGs, and not liking EMGs so much, I thought maybe to replace this SD livewire set, with a new SD HH configuration.

    So, what the closest to to Dimarzio Fast Track2 / Chopper , but in full humbucker size? I play rock/metal.

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    single coil sized buckers have their own thing due to the amount of string they hear. if it was me, and i was doing an hh strat and played harder music, id go tb6 and sh2b (in the neck), 500k pots and super switch to get some other options to get spankier clean tones


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        HH Strats are my favorite. Name some tones (songs, bands, etc) to let us know what your target is.
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          My 2 favorite H/H super Strat set ups right now are. The Stock JB and a 59 with a A3 mag swap i have in my swamp ash body 95 Wasburn MG 102 and the stock Beryllium set in my 2016 Kiesel DC 600. Also REALLY like the Alt 8 Sentient set I have in my all KOA 94 Carvin DC 127.
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            Thank you Mincer and Ascension

            Originally posted by Mincer View Post
            HH Strats are my favorite. Name some tones (songs, bands, etc) to let us know what your target is.
            We play Greek rock in the band, so you wouldn't know any of this, and our own songs. The tones vary from funky, to blues, to santana, to a little jazzy, to heavy muted riffs, to classic fast distorted solos. All those tones are covered well by the aforementioned HSH strat (FastTrack 2/Fast1Track1/The Chopper) and the Carvin dc135 (DMZ SuperDist / Carvin / Air Norton S).
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