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    I've recently purchased a Fender Player Plus Telecaster.

    While I like the tones of the stock noiseless pickups, they are much quieter than the Hot/cool/hot rail combos in my Strats.
    Any suggestions for replacement PUs for the Tele that might get close to that output but still have that Tele sound?


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    Welcome to the forum!

    I think the issue with most hotter pickups is that the hotter they are, the less they sound like a Tele! Still, I can recommend a Jerry Donahue bridge with a Hot Tele neck pickup, and it will still sound like a Tele (that drank some Red Bull).
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      Part of the Tele sound is the copper or steel plate on the bottom of the pickup. The Fender Noiseless units are terrific, but lack the plate. They still get some great tones. Lots of aftermarket Tele pickups have them, lots don't.
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        I highly recommend Fralin. He's a monster at achieving authentic tone at any heat level or even with his noiseless pickups. Prioritize what heat level you want, and true single coil or noiseless. Here are his noiseless ones which sound quite authentic yet punchy. There are obviously still compromises between vintage vs hot and true sc vs noiseless but I think he's one of the best out there to mostly get around them.

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          Another vote for the JD in the bridge.

          I personally like to pair it with something else in the neck like a P90, or a Duncan APS-2 Strat pickup to continue with the JD theme, which is what I currently have.


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            the jd is great, but wont keep up with a hot rails. like others have said, the higher output you go, the less tele like the tone. the hot tele bridge pup is great and still sounds like a single coil, same with the qp, but neither would be confused for a vintage tele pup


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              The QP is fantastic, but it sounds NOTHING like a traditional Tele pickup.