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Hex screw mod 59/demon wound/plain strings

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    Originally posted by ToneFiddler View Post
    i'll have do redo the mod to really notice it myself. As said, to long of wait time in between mod and too short in there to really get to know the modded PU.

    anyway, i swap the hexes on the plain string back and forth with filisters and there is a tiny difference. the hex screws are indeed a tiny bit more clicky on the attack, but it's too small of a difference i really care. On the other hand, on the wound strings on the neck PU it really does make a difference!
    I like customizing the poles too. It does really help give the neck pickup attack to add hexes. While the bridge pickup can get rounded out with filisters. I would probably order all my pickups shop floor custom double screw if I were still at it.

    Again, double thick is mainly if you need a boost. It's really helpful for vintage output, while it's kind of optional for medium or high output.


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      i tried it for the double Demon Combo to give the bridge more power.
      If i try it again i will use a weeker magnet in the neck instead, i think