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Examples of iconic bridge pickup clean tones?

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    One of the most iconic bands there is? The Beatles used the bridge pickup clean all the time.

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      Mojo Gold Foil is, surprisingly, the best bridge clean tone I have ever come across.


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        As far as i remember Dick Dale used to choose bridge pickup of his strats;​


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          Yep, surf music is all about bridge pickups... Hank Marvin is another living proof of this.

          Here is a vid with an EMG humbucker doing surf music. :-P

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            I love bright clean tones drenched in reverb and chorus, that sound larger than a guitar ever could. Although the latter band is easy to make fun of (and not entirely without reason), I think these are the first two songs I think of when I think bright tones. They definitely are not neck pickups, but I can't tell what kind of bridge pickup they are, or if there might possibly be a piezo or some other shenanigans at play:

            (More so the guitars under the verse than the intro)

            (Iconic, perhaps not, but who cares? We all have to listen and make up our own minds about these things anyway.)


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              Thanks guys! Some educational content here.

              But yeah, as soon as I heard that Kurt Cobain tone, I thought "Surf Rock". I know Kurt's tone is not Surf at all, but I couldn't help but connect the points there. And yeah, Surf is the other bridge pickup clean tone other than Country that makes my mind think "yeah, that's what I can do with my bridge pickup" other than Chugg, LOL.

              Those Hair Metal tones seem interesting too. Kinda like the Metallica chorusy cleans but on the bridge pickup. I know the Metallica clean tone comes from something that was pretty standard for that era (or maybe slightly before). I just didn't realize bands did that on the bridge pickup as well.


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                The first Cobain clip probably sounds extra surfy and single coil-y cuz it's a ~ 7.6k 59 neck in the bridge. Here's the JB.

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                  Originally posted by nienturi View Post
                  As far as i remember Dick Dale used to choose bridge pickup of his strats;
                  True, but most his sound came from the fact that he strung his guitar with 16s.
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                    How in the eff does something not blow up with +13 gauge strings? Either the guitar or the strings or ur hands?