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A dumb question - JB/Distortion hybrid?

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  • Aceman
    I suspect not. At the end of the day, you are going to use a JB mag or a Disruption mag (A5/Ceramic) That will pretty much impact the flavor of whatever pickup that mag is from.

    The coils are not that different (but not the same).

    I suggest the custom shop.
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  • Seashore
    started a topic A dumb question - JB/Distortion hybrid?

    A dumb question - JB/Distortion hybrid?

    I've got a JB in one of my Gibsons and a Distortion that's been in a few guitars. 7-string models. Both good, both very close to being ideal, but I wish they had a little more of an open dynamic feel and more harmonic complexity. Most of my favorite pickups have some offset between the coils, and I have an uneducated hunch that that's part of what makes them feel more open and responsive to me. Would it be worth taking these apart to create two JB/Distortion hybrids, keeping in mind that the differences I'm looking for are pretty subtle? Has anybody done this? Or is this just a fool's errand, not giving me the results I'd want, not worth ruining two good pickups over?