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Heavier "Midrange" Pickup for Neck Position...???

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    Originally posted by Rex_Rocker View Post
    I like the PAF 36th Anni better than any low-output Duncan humbucker they offer. The only problem I have with that one is it's REALLY low output, IME. Barely even keeps up with the '59B IME.
    Dimarzio should have kept the Virtual PAF and Virtual Hot PAF hbs
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      Originally posted by RanchManSandy View Post
      yo I'd say try a black winter neck. it's crazy how versatile it is and mine never sounds overly crisp.
      For heavy from Duncan, this is the best in the lineup.
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        I had a 59 Custom Hybrid with an a2 magnet in the neck of my SG for a while. Very middy without being over the top. At least not over the top for me - I love a lot of midrange. It would probably balance with the JB output wise.