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Wiring diagram 1 mini hb, single coil

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  • Wiring diagram 1 mini hb, single coil

    Hi all! Trying to find a wiring diagram for the following config. Thoughts!?

    Mini humbucker neck
    single coil bridge
    2 vols
    1 master tone
    3 way toggle selector (not blade/lever)

    a push pull to split the mini would be great too!

    any thoughts or guidance? Thx for wiring genius!

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    welcome to the forum!

    do you mean an actual mini humbucker or a single coil sized humbucker for the neck pup? either way, it will need to have 4 conductor wiring to split it.

    nothing overly tricky about that. pup hot wires to the volume controls, then the switch, tone on the output. im sure we can come up with a diagram


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      We also might need to know what brand the pickups are (or what model) because wire colors are not standard across companies.
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        Here's one that will do what you want (the colors are for SD pups), but:
        Ignore the p/p on the bridge pup and that it's shown as a humbucker...the wiring is what we're concerned with;
        If the bridge is a SD single then the white wire is the lead/hot going to the bridge vol pot input lug .

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          Thx all! Apologies for delay. I thought I’d get auto notifications of replies to my post.

          Seymour Duncan’s all around. Mini Hum vintage in neck, tele single coil in bridge….

          thx again!


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            If the mini-hum is vintage, is it single-conductor/braided wire? You won't be able to split it, if so.


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              very true


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                The vintage mini humbucker generally comes with single conductor unless you get it with 4 conductor as a shop floor custom. You would have to go into the pickup and rewire it as 3 or 4 conductor to be able to split it.
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