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Triple-shots in series or parallel?

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  • Triple-shots in series or parallel?

    Hi there! I have an LP knock-off with 2 P-rails being controlled by tripleshots. I'm thinking about getting even sillier, and setting up some sort of switching so that, when combined, the outputs of the Triple-shots can either be in parallel or in series, but I'm not sure whether that can be done with a push/pull in the main control compartment, or if it needs to happen at the selector switch, with something like one of the 6-way Freeway switches. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    Push pull should work

    I have this option on a blade switch with my RG2
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      As long as you use a 3-way toggle switch you can't get the two pups in series, the 3-way will always put them in parallel. You'd at least need a 4 position Oak Grigsby blade switch. I'm not very familiar with the freeway switch but I'm guessing that it would do it too.
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        Click image for larger version

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        Here's how you'd do it with a freeway. Assume that the red and black wires are the wires coming from each Triple Shot.
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        Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.


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          That's perfect, Doc! I was trying to think of the Triple-shot outputs as effectively a single coil output, just wasn't sharp enough to look at the single coil Freeway diagrams. I kept trying to get my head around how I could get their Humbucker diagrams to work for me. Thanks for the extra eyes and brain cells!


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            Out of curiosity, can I ask where you found that diagram? On Freeway's website, I can only find HB diagrams for that switch, and all of the single-coils are in the blade type diagrams...


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              Never mind, I just found it, thanks!


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                You are welcome.
                Originally Posted by IanBallard
                Rule of thumb... the more pot you have, the better your tone.


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                  Well, I finally got around to installing the Freeway switch, and it works great! A whole new range of tones, now that I can take any combination of coils in the neck and bridge P-rails, and run them either in parallel or in series with each other... Lots o' fun!


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                    Sounds like you got a good thing going with that Free-Way switch. I haven't used a free-way, but I have to think it's much easier to make on-the-fly changes than a push/pull.

                    However, for future reference, you certainly can wire up a push/pull to put both humbuckers in series with each other. The push/pull would override the 3-way toggle. For example, with the push/pull down you'd have typical LP 3-way switching. The push/pull in the up position would give you both in series, regardless of the position of the toggle switch.

                    The switching is easy. Getting the volume and tone circuits to behave the way you want can be tricky.

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