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Help with HSH + S1 switch

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  • Help with HSH + S1 switch

    Hey all,

    I'm looking once again to take another stab at my super strat setup, inspired by Ian Thornley's Suhr guitars with HSH.

    The closest diagram I've found is from BriGuy1968 in this thread here, but I'm looking to make the following change:

    - No "blower", just typical V/T/T
    - In middle position (3), I'd want both Neck HB + Bridge HB in both S1 "up" or "down" positions (instead of having the middle SC with the S1 is up)

    So... S1 "up" in series mode, S1 "down" in parallel mode, but always these combos on the 5 way switch:
    1. Neck
    2. Neck/middle
    3. Neck/bridge
    5. Bridge

    Anyone able to help or can point me where to go?

    Thank you!

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    I believe the Megaswitch E will allow (at least) those parallel pickup combos stock- I can't tell right now as the Schaller site is temporarily down.
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      Ah, interesting option but since I already have the Fender S1 and a superswitch was hoping to make it work with that! Thank you!


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        What are you trying to switch between series and parallel? The humbucker coils, or the middle 3 positions on the superswitch?
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          This is fairly simple. You only need two quadrants of the Superswitch. I know you want to use what you have on hand, but if you wanted to save the SS for another project, this one would fill the bill:

          Huge selection of top brand guitar & bass electronics, pickups, parts & hardware. Plus hundreds of free guitar wiring diagrams.

          It's late. I can draw it up tomorrow if no one gets to it first.


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            Can't edit above.

            Did you want standard tone controls? 1 for neck and 1 for middle? Or 1 for N/M and 1 for bridge?


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              This is the basic idea. Even if you use your current switch, only use two quadrants.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	richie.png
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                Here's with the S-1 switch included. Green and bares can go to any ground place.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	richie_S1c.png
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                  Note: This is important. The switches on the S-1 are NOT symmetrical! Wire it up with the pot terminals "down", like in the pic. Then you can rotate it to any position you need. Leave enough wire lead on the pickups.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	richie_S1b.png
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                    Hey Artie! Holy cannoli - thanks so much for all this!

                    Idea would be 2 tones, but I think your demonstration here essentially means everything else is like a typical Strat setup. Super excited to try this out and report back!

                    Thank you so much


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                      Yur welcome. Are you doing standard n/m tone knobs? Let me know, and I'll show you in those diagrams where to connect.


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                        Just wired it up!!! Nailed it!

                        Ideally 1 tone for neck/middle and 1 tone for bridge.

                        One question: TBH I'm not sure if the middle pickup I've got is RWRP. I initially wired it white hot, black ground, and it was out of phase with the HB's. Flipped the wires and now it's in phase and all is good, except I've got hum. Does this mean it's a standard SC and I should go dig out a proper middle from another old setup of mine?

                        Thank you once again!!!!!


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                          That depends. You never said what pickups they are. Are they the same brand, and what brand?