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Hot rodded split and rwrp

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  • Hot rodded split and rwrp

    Hi all!

    I have a standard configuration sh-2 neck + sh-4 bridge with coil split. I also have a lipstick pickup in the middle and I was wondering if it could cancel some noise from the other pickups when they're split. The way it's wired now only adds the hum of the 2 pickups. Can I just swap around the 2 wires of my lipstick pickup to achieve that? Or do the pickups need to have very similar properties to even cancel hum at all?


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    you need two coils rw/rp from each other to cancel hum. how is your guitar wired currently?


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      I think Lipstick pickups are around 4k for the coil, so it likely wouldn't cancel all the hum of a JB coil but it might work on the Jazz neck when split. What brand is the Lipstick pickup? Try reversing hot and ground and see if it works, but you only want it on with one or the other JB/Jazz, not both.


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        The middle lipstick pickup is a Seymour Duncan sls-1 RW/RP. I didn't necessarily bought it for canceling the hum but if it's possible that could be a nice added bonus. Perhaps using the opposite coil while split would do the trick...

        For now I've wired it exactly like the Seymour Duncan wiring diagram suggests with a HSH configuration a 5 way blade switch and a push/pull pot (I've installed a second push/pull on the tone so I can choose which one to split)