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    Is there an easy and cheap way to balance pickups with each other?
    Have a Strat. The bridge pickup is not as loud as the middle and neck. I've adjusted the height as much as possible but that doesn't quite cure the problem.
    The middle and neck pickups are 60's wound. The bridge is a SSL-6. I would have thought the SSL-6 would have been able to at least keep up with the others.
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    Generally, you do it with height. The SSL-6 should easily balance with the others as it is a pretty loud pickup. My guess is that something is wrong here. Can you confirm the DCR of the SSL-6? Maybe some shots of the wiring, too?
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      define 60's wound? like 6.2k with 42 gauge formvar wire and a5 rods? the ssl6 should be a fine match for those. i run three antiquity jaguar pups in one of my strats and the volume balance is pretty good just adjusting heights. neck low, middle almost the same but slightly higher, and bridge set to where it sounds best. noticeably higher than the other two


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        I have a guitar with SSL-2 neck and mid and an SSL-6 bridge - they balance really well volume-wise. I crank the SSL-6 up a fair bit and put the neck down quite a lot in order to get the louder bridge sound that I prefer.
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          It doesn't seem likely to me that the SSL-6 couldn't balance with the other two pups. I can't even imagine what would be causing that.
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