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p-90s in PRS ??

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  • Scott_F
    Re: p-90s in PRS ??

    Welcome to the board. You could put a mini-humbucker in place of a traditional P90. All you would need would be a mounting ring for it.

    In the regular two pickup versions of the PRS soapbar P90 guitars, they put a vintage P90 neck in the neck and a neck version of the Custom P90 in the bridge. Not sure what that middle on is, but I'm betting it's another Vintage.

    I think they are great rock guitar pickups.

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  • miko
    started a topic p-90s in PRS ??

    p-90s in PRS ??

    I recently ran across a second hand PRS custom that has 3 factory Duncan p-90s and a 5-way switch (not sure which model p-90, is there a way to tell?) Please compare/ contrast this set-up with the more common dual humbucker set-up. What are the advantages/ disadvantages? If I'm interested in a hard rock/metal tone would I be dissapointed? Are there any options for replacing the bridge p-90 with a traditional humbucker if desired...without altering the guitar body? Thanks for any input on this topic!