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P-90's how noisy?

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  • P-90's how noisy?

    I am looking at a LP style guitar that has P-90 (Style) pickups. I have never had them in a guitar I have owned and was wandering on the average how noisy are they. I have heard they are a great pup for rock (that's me) and I like the idea of a less muddy sounding LP tone. I have had Strats in the past and the noise did get to me after awhile, although I never did anything to try and lessen the hum. What do you think of these pickup's?

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    Re: P-90's how noisy?

    I've got a P-90 in the bridge of a strat (warmoth), and the only time I notice any noise is when I'm standing right in front of the amp facing it (like when I'm adjusting my volume on stage or something). Beyond that, it's never bad enough to notice.

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