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Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

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  • Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

    Anyone know what a duncan custom sounds like? Who uses it? What music styles it would match?
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    Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

    Here's some good reading til someone posts a specific reply:

    Duncan Custom Reviews


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      Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

      the Darkness use Customs, maybe only Justin or Dan. It's supposed to be a very good pup for definition, palm muting, harmonics.. everything really. But that's just what I heard.
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        Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

        It wouldn't suprise me if those guys use it.
        Custom is tight, bright, and crunchy for rhythm. Clear and chimey for cleans. Smooth and bright for leads. To me, it reminds me of that grinding old Marshall sound, like AC/DC or EVH, but it'll handle insane amounts of gain well to.


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          Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

          to tell you the truth those reviews did not help me much, but i was compelled to buy one after hearing a guy use one on clips through a bogner.
          I would take reviews with a grain of salt unless the guy who reviewed it has the same style/ amp /guitar as you


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            Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

            Ask Jolly for his LP with Custom clip. It owns.

            I had a Custom in my Jackson for awhile, and the lead sound was fantastic. I'm trying out a Distortion now just for fun.

            I have a Custom in my LP and that's staying there for good. I think it has a very good, clear and articulate lead sound. I think that for metal and rock rhythms, it has a very good "whump". I'm thinking that it is a real well-rounded pickup. My opinion.

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              Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

              Live it, love it. Very PAF-like character when overdriven. Not a PAF, but it has that 'tude that works for hard rock, blues-rock. I think of Aerosmith or AC/DC.
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                Re: Reviews on the SH5 Duncan Custom pickup

                I love my Custom. Best pup I've ever heard. I use it for Hard Rock/Metal and can pretty much nail just about everything!! Perfect fatness, articulation, and punch! Beatifully balanced tones for a fukking hard kicking pickup! If you need to be heard and what a sweet, subtle pup while still packing an aggressive punch - look no further!! PAF on steroids!