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Anybody have this setup?

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  • Anybody have this setup?

    Anybody have this setup? Neck: SSL-5 Mid: SSL-1 Bridge: Custom 5

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    Re: Anybody have this setup?

    Fender Strat Special (SH-1n, SSL-1, TB-4)
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      Re: Anybody have this setup?

      i used to run a ssl6/ssl2/c5 setup for a short time. it was right when i made my custom into a c5 and i was testing it out to make sure it worked. i usually ran a qp flat in the bridge but i wanted to know how it sounded with a band so i wired it up. sounded really good. i think its a really good strat bridge pup. i took the custom out of my sg so the ccc had to go back in there.

      the ssl6/ssl2 neck/mid combo is one ive used for a while. big thick stratty neck tones, cool notch tone and a bright lower output mid position tone.


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        Re: Anybody have this setup?

        Sounds like an interesting combination. In my Strats ( Like I'm a Big Strat Player....NOT LOL !!! ) I use SSL-1, SSL-1, SSL-3 . Since I'm mainly a Les Paul guy, I tend to keep it very simple in the Strats. ( That way, I can't mess em up too bad LOL !!! )
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          Re: Anybody have this setup?

          No but have something close:

          SSL-6/SSL-6/Pearly Gates

          I also have a 2HB guitar with a C5 in it so I am familiar with that. I would say the combo you are thinking of would be great. Very versatile with a fat neck tone and vintage type "in-between" tones. The sounds prety good tapped too.

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